About Regulatory Clinic

One-Stop-Shop Regulation Mentoring and Regulatory Clinic


Meet the compliance will always be the main concern of fintech startups to growth. Thus, acting in concert with 《Financial Technology Development and Innovation Experimentation Act》, FinTechSpace set up a Regulation Group, composed of related government representatives and fintech legal experts to provides a series Regulation Coaching to resident startups and institutions. The series Regulation Coaching includes Regulation Talks, Counselling, Mentoring, and Clinic.


Regulatory Talks: For those startups stands in the early stage or who are barely understand the fintech regulation in Taiwan, Regulatory talks provide essential regulation noted points and issues for startups to have a general understanding.


Regulatory Counselling: For scales up startups who would like to understand potential regulation issues about their whole business, Regulatory counselling invites corresponding experts sharing their experience or suggestions, to show potential possibilities or barriers on their way to start up the business.


Regulatory Mentoring: Differ from Counselling, Regulatory Mentoring will be more focus on evaluating each case’s regulation possibilities, and coaching the startup how to apply the compliance.


Regulatory Clinic: For those startups/institutes who have mature products/services ready to enter the market, FinTechSpace hold the Regulatory Clinic as a regular meeting. Regulation Group members are invited to come to FinTechSpace every week for a half day, while residing startups/institutions are able to book sessions to discuss their concern. To provide the best quality of the meetings, the Regulatory Clinic will be hold by themes, and corresponding representatives attend.


The above Regulation Coaching follows the “first-come-first-serve” principle, along with “the-first-time-application-first” rule. Through holding Regulation Clinic, FinTechSpace believes that this kind of communication is going to have positive effects to both startups and regulation–to note startups what they need to keep in mind, and reflect the real pain point of existing regulations directly to FSC.