Innovation Lab

To encourage industrial innovation and enhance fintech tehnology development capabilities, FinTechSpace provides the first “Innovation Lab” programme in Taiwan.


Targeting big financial/technology firms, the Innovation Lab not only provides hotdesk seats for firms to reside in and access FinTechSpace resources, but also provides different modules for firms to engage with startups or campuses, e.g. co-host creating events, workshops, hackathons, or open APIs. Innovation Lab, as an experimental field and a matching platform, allows campuses, starups and firms to cook products/services together and test its feasibility before actually enter into the market. We believe that this programme is going to conduct great cross-domain exchanges within ideas and technology, and stimulate the growth of domestic fintech industry through accumulating innovative energy.


Are you interested in taking a part of Innovation Lab Partners? Email us ( now, and we will get in touch with you within 2 days!