Global Connection

For those startups who would like to explore oversea markets, having local’s resources is a halfway success. FinTechSpace, as the window of Taiwan Fintech industry, have engaged with international partners from all over the world, providing Global Individual Market Mentoring, Oversea Pitching Opportunities, and International Startup Exchange Programme.


Global Individual Market Mentoring: Get startups being familiar with, and have a general idea about the market of specific area.


Region-Market Pitching and Matching: A local marketing exposure opportunity for startups and get in touch with local connection to the market of specific area.


International Startup Exchange Programme: Exchange programme provides startups the basis equipments and resources in the market of specific area. For example, working space, local connection, and business engagements.


Noted: the above global connection resources are limited to incubating startups, and follows the “first-come-first-serve” principle, along with “the-first-time-application-first” rule.