Digital Sandbox

Global fintech industry has been changed rapidly. A lot of markets have devoted lots of resources to stimulate its technology innovation to finance industry, and provide open API innovative environments (such as Open Banking or Banking-as-a-service). It is successfully creating a controllable environment that both innovative ideas and technologies brought up by multi-collaborations, are expected to be testified in the field.


Digital Sandbox is the first Open API Platform in Taiwan.


FinTechSpace proudly presents our Digital Sandbox programme to the world. Digital Sandbox, under the FinTechSpace structure, is the first fintech open API common platform in Taiwan. Taking a neutral stand, Digital Sandbox integrates digital resources from wide range of fintech-related API suppliers, and provides the first Taiwan fintech POC (proof-of-concept) environment, and builds a bridge between incumbents and startups to increase more collaboration opportunities.


Digital Sandbox Programme Key Offers:
1. Talks and Ask
2. Coaching & Matching
3. Regulation Clinic
4. Other Workshops