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Meet the compliance will always be the main concern of fintech startups to growth. Thus, acting in concert with 《Financial Technology Development and Innovation Experimentation Act》, FinTechSpace set up a Regulation Group, composed of related government representatives and fintech legal experts to provides a series Regulation Coaching to resident startups and institutions. The series Regulation Coaching includes Regulation Talks, Counselling, Mentoring, and Clinic.

For those startups who would like to explore oversea markets, having local’s resources is a halfway success. FinTechSpace, as the window of Taiwan Fintech industry, have engaged with international partners from all over the world, providing Global Individual Market Mentoring, Oversea Pitching Opportunities, and International Startup Exchange Programme.

Global fintech industry has been changed rapidly. A lot of markets have devoted lots of resources to stimulate its technology innovation to finance industry, and provide open API innovative environments (such as Open Banking or Banking-as-a-service). It is successfully creating a controllable environment that both innovative ideas and technologies brought up by multi-collaborations, are expected to be testified in the field.

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FinTechSpace accelerator programme is looking for fintech startups, tech startups, and other solutions that applies for AI, wealthe management, Blockchain, ID Identification, Insurtech, eKYC, eAML, Regtech, and Payment(not limited).


FinTechSpace is the first Taiwan fintech hub!

FinTechSpace has been dedicated in expanding the network/connections throughout the worldwide fintech industry. If you are interested, please do contact us and stay tune with our latest news!

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